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Apr 27-29, 2020
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Annual CAC reunion raffle belt

The Cauliflower Alley Club is very grateful to Legacy Championship Belts and Kevin Huston, who will be providing, free of charge, the 2018 CAC raffle belt.  The belt will be raffled off during the 2018 reunion in Las Vegas with the proceeds going to the CAC Benevolent Fund.

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Special thanks to Dave Millican, Reggie Parks, and Rico Mann for the talent they put into the belts they provided in the past.


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2105 CAC reunion raffle belt
2015 — Winner: Seth Knight

2014 CAC reunion raffle belt
2014 — Winner: Ashvin Prasad

2013 CAC reunion raffle belt
2013 — Winner: David Jackson

2012 CAC reunion raffle belt
2012 — Winner: Christi Leonard

2011 CAC reunion raffle belt
2011 — Winner: Annette Dollar

2010 CAC reunion raffle belt
2010 — Winner: Vince Fahey

2009 CAC reunion raffle belt
2009 — Winner: Kia Stevens

2008 CAC reunion raffle belt
2008 — Winner: Dr. Eric

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