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News from the world of wrestling


East Carondelete Community Center
May 25, 2019

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by Herb Simmons

  Good day, wrestling fans.  Just returned from taking Barbara Goodish to the airport.  Once again this year, she asked that I give each of you her heartfelt thank you.  She was again taken back by the chants of "Brody, Brody, Brody."  Another capacity crowd witnessed the enthusiasm throughout the evening from start to finish.

  There is no doubt that the "Bruiser Brody & Larry Matysik" Memorial will be recorded as one of the best for the SICW record book.

  We crowned a new SICW champion in "The King of Chaos" ... Ricky Cruz.  In one of the hardest fought battles ever, Superstar Steve Fender had his hands slapped when special guest referee Ron Powers showed at the start of the match that he wasn't going to allow any shenanigans.  Travis Cook felt the same as, several times, Powers showed Cook who was in charge.  Congratulations to Ron Powers and new SICW Champion Ricky Cruz.

  The new "Bruiser Brody Battle Royal" winner was "Night Train" Gary Jackson.  Thank you to our dear friend Barbara Goodish for not forgetting about Curtis Wyldes' dirty tricks last year and for setting the record straight this year.  Congratulations Gary Jackson.

The Multi-state tag titles were defended by "Guerrilla Warfare" against the father & son team of Keith Smith Sr. and Keith Smith Jr.  With some suspicious tactics, Guerrilla Warfare retained the titles.

  Attila Kahn once again showed he is a force to be dealt with as he defeated three wrestlers.  Travis Cook asked who can stop his monster, so with my friend Charlie Armstrong Hartman from Gimmick Tree Entertainment, we came up with someone who can stand toe-to-toe with Attila Kahn ... ECW legend Trommy Dreamer.  On Saturday, June 29, 2019, at the Belle-Clair Fairgounds in an "Extreme Rules" match, it will be Kahn vs. Dreamer.

  Your Canadian hero and SICW ambassador Sean Vincent took on Clayton Brooks, the son of wrestling legend Tim Brooks.  It was a hard-fought battle, back and forth, before Brooks scored the victory.

  Flash Flanagan and Ironman Ken Kasa battled back and forth, and with Travis Cook's questionable involvement, clearly indicates that Kasa has joined the TCO.

  Gil Rogers, the popular wrestler loved by SICW fans, found out while battling Curtis Wylde that not only do you need to keep an eye on Wylde Fyre, but also the 444 lbs of Kawasaki.  During the match, Wylde Fyre continued to involve herself before Kowalski rushed to the ring and attacked Rogers, thus causing Wylde to be disqualified.  This brought Night Train Gary Jackson to assist Gil Rogers from being double-team by the Wyldes & Kowalski.

  We have so many friends to thank who made the trip yesterday.  All the students and workers who attended the ACE ACADEMY WRESTLING seminar ... the fans who attended the meet and greet ... Killer Tim Brooks and his sons, such a great family (and please remember Tim in your prayers) ... Ronnie Garvin & Cowboy Bob Orton ... my good friend Johnny Mantel and his party for making the trip from Texas ... my dear friend Darla Staggs who came from Minnesota; it wouldn't be a Bruiser Brody & Larry Matysik show without her ... Scott Romer for making the trip and providing his photo service for us ... Brian Kelly from MWR, Jeffery Wilson & Brandon, and Nathan Shaw; these guys rock in supporting our SICW events ... my good friend and his better-half Mike Terry and Betty Kirk ... Jerry Bullion and his family for years of support ... Pat Matysik, who also was taken back by all the great comments made to her about her late husband.

  And finally, to all the fans that packed the community center.  I thank you for your continued support.

  We hope to see you on Saturday, June 15, back in East Carondelet, and on Saturday, June 29, at the Belle-Clair Fairgounds for the biggest WRESTLING convention in the Midwest.

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