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Apr 29-May 1, 2019
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Brian Westcott 2019 Casino Royale results
by Brian Westcott
May 27, 2019

Presented by:
Pro Wrestling Unplugged — Pro Wrestling Bushido — Gold Rush Pro Wrestling
Big Valley Wrestling — Alpha Omega Wrestling — Supreme Pro Wrestling — House of Glory

Casino Royale — Night 1 — April 28, 2019

by Brian Westcott

Promoter: Billy Blade
Booking assistants: Trevor Blanchard, Tom Simon, Sparkey Ballard, Stro
Ring announcers: AJ Kirsch, Tom Simon, Joseph Duncan

1. Gold Rush Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion Derek Slade (managed by Lucian D. Light) defeats Funny Bone by pinfall with help from Lucian D. Light.
Referee: Sparkey Ballard

2. Pack Mentality: "Headline" Shaun Martens & "Cheetahbear" Jude Dawkins defeat The Honor Society: Patrick Fitzpatrick & Scoot Robertson by pinfall.

3. American Oni (with Prise), Steven Andrew & Simon Lotto defeat Brian XL, Ken Broadway & Matt Travis by pinfall when Andrew hit the Shooting Star Press.

4. Trevor Blanchard (with MK Bandit) defeats Apostle Judah Matthews & The Great Akuma (with Chazz Moretti) by pinfall with help from MK Bandit in a Tri-Force match.

5. Happy Man & Kikutaro defeat Southern Comfort: Christen James & Tommy Coffey (managed by Royce Profit) by pinfall with the senton bomb.

6. Big Dirty (managed by Santana Jackson), Fresco & Dinero (managed by Primo Pulpo) defeat Frank the Tank, Alexander Braven & Ricky Tenacious (managed by Toon E. Guci) by pinfall with a double team move.

7. Main Event
Andrea the Giant (managed by Forest Grump) wins the 2019 Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup Women’s Invitational over-the-top-rope battle royal, last eliminating Maddison Miles.
Other participants included: Chantal, Jessie Belle Smothers (managed by Nikita Breznikov), La Rosa Negra, Alex Zwicker, Moxie Mollie, & Eliza Hammer. Referee: Sandra Taylor.

Casino Royale — Night 2 — April 29, 2019

by Brian Westcott

Promoter: Billy Blade
Booking assistants: Trevor Blanchard, Tom Simon, Sparkey Ballard, Stro
Ring announcers: AJ Kirsch, Tom Simon, Joel Gertner, Joseph Duncan & "Space Cowboy" Jason Jones

1. "The Hellhound" Gabriel Gallo defeats Dom Vitalli to win the 2019 Casino Royale Cup by pinfall.  Gallo and Vitalli were the last two participants in the Casino Royale over-the-top-rope battle royal.

2. "Mr. Wonderful" Rock Riddle (with "Incredible" Anthony Idol) defeats Matt Striker by pinfall after a low blow followed by a rollup.
Referee: Sparkey Ballard.

3. Brandon Gatson defeats Richie Slade (with Billy Blade) by pinfall.

4. 5 Most Wanted: "Sexy" Sean Casey, Cody Hawk & Shawna Reed (with Big John Murray, David J. & Stephan Bonnar) defeat Shane Ballard, Shannon Ballard, & Jessie Belle Smothers (managed by Royce Profit) by pinfall after one of the Ballards got chokeslammed by Big John Murray.

5. Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Dynamite division champion Boyce LeGrande (managed by Lucian D. Light) defeats Zuka King by pinfall.

6. Malia Hosaka defeats La Rosa Negra by pinfall with her feet on the ropes.
(My very first color commentary)

7. Pariahs & Exiles: Mike Rayne & Marcus Eriks defeat Players Club: Wise Guy & Niko by pinfall.  Sabu (with Super Genie) attacks Rayne & Eriks after the match is over.

8. James Jeffries defeats Ray Feuring & Sparrow by pinfall with Sliced Bread in a Triple Threat match.

9. "Sensational" Maddison Miles defeats Heather Reckless & Alex Zwicker by pinfall in a Triple Threat match.
Referee: Sandra Taylor.

10. Sinn Bodhi, The Stro & Funny Bone defeat "Headline" Shaun Martens, "Cheetahbear" Jude Dawkins & Che Solo by pinfall after Funny Bone did a double stomp off the top rope.

11. The Honor Society: Sir Samurai & Eliza Hammer defeat Arrow Club: Kyle Hawk & Desi Derata by pinfall.

12. Main Event
Leon Hater defeats Kevin Ducketts to win the Big Valley Wrestling Las Vegas championship by pinfall in a title vs. career match.

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