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CAC team members

Executive board of directors

President & CEO
Brian Blair

Executive vice-president, webmaster
Scott Teal

Recording secretary, reunion registrar
Gloria Lovell

Financial secretary/treasurer
Dean Silverstone

Benevolent chairman
Karl Lauer

Newsletter editor & publisher
Royal Duncan

Advisory board of directors

Recording secretary, chairman
Gloria Lovell

Ad sales director
Nostalgia fair & banquet room setup

Jeffrey Compton

Attorney and legal counsel
Bruce Tharpe

Eastern Canada liaison
Reunion seminar administrator

Ron Hutchison

Western Canada liaison
Vance Nevada

CAC associates

Belt raffle
Darlene Kreis

Bowling tournament coordinator
Joe Mauriello

Chaplin, t-shirt sales
Bobby Simmons

Cribbage tournament coordinator
Stuart Kemp

Historian award chairman
George Schire

Marketing & communications consultant
Bambi Weavil

Nostalgia room
Donny Langdon

Historical gatekeeper
The Masked Canadian

New wrestler memberships
Matt Riviera

Official Photographers
Joyce Paustian
Mike Lano
Rose Diamond
Scott Romer

T-shirt sales
Charlie Smith

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