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Brian Westcott 2018 Casino Royale results
by Brian Westcott
May 11, 2018

Last week in Las Vegas, Vendetta Pro Wrestling/Pro Wrestling Bushido/Gold Rush Pro Wrestling/Big Valley Wrestling presented Casino Royale 2018.  The special two-night event took place on Sunday, April 29 & Monday, April 30, at the Gold Coast Hotel & Casino.  Here are the complete results.

April 29, 2018 — Casino Royale night 2

by Brian Westcott

Promoters: Billy Blade & Joseph Duncan
Booking assistants: Rik Luxury, Sparkey Ballard, Trevor Blanchard

1.  Bobby Hart beat Chief Owen Travers w/mgr. Primo Pulpo by pinfall.  Referee Nuk Nuk Johnson.

2.  Vendetta Pro Wrestling International Tri-Force champion Kadin Anthony w/Lady Vayne beat Vintage Dragon & Sledge by pinfall in a Triple Threat match when Anthony pinned Vintage Dragon to retain the championship.

3.  Gold Rush Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion "The Godkiller" Synn w/The Cold One AC beat "The Black Rose" Ju Diss w/Zuka King by pinfall to retain the championship.  Referee Sparkey Ballard.

4.  Pro Wrestling Bushido tag team champions The Honor Society (Drake Frost & Sir Samurai beat Gentlemen's Club (Johnny Dynamo & Patrick Fitzpatrick, Fallout Boys (Just Zack & Ezra, and Tokyo Scream (Kikutaro & Scoot Robertson in a four-way match to retain by pinfall.

5.  Frank the Tank w/Toom E. Guci beat Tony Raze & "Ballistic" Brent Myers w/Big Vig by pinfall.

6.  King's Ransom (Leonis Khan & Maximus Khan) w/mgr. Bobby Bemer beat Shane & Shannon Ballard w/mgr. Royce Profit by pinfall.

7.  Best of the West champion Mike Rayne beat Mr. Grim, Wise Guy & Funny Bone by pinfall in a four-way to retain the championship when Rayne pinned Grim.

8.  Main Event
Kat Von Heez won the 2018 Luna Vachon Memorial Cup battle royal by eliminating Desi Derata.  Other participants included Allie Parker, Moxie Mollie, Lisa Lace, Tab Jackson, Sandra Moon, Maddison Miles w/mgr. Harley Rebel, Shawna Reed, & Buggy Nova.

April 30, 2018 — Casino Royale night 2

by Brian Westcott

Promoters: Billy Blade & Joseph Duncan
Booking assistants: Rik Luxury, Sparkey Ballard, Trevor Blanchard

Malia Hosaka made a presentation to women wrestlers Beverly Shade, Natasha the Hatchet Lady, Judy Martin, Joyce Grable, Princess Victoria, Peggy Lee Leather, Raven Lake, Penelope Paradise, Bambi, Debbie Combs and Despina Mantagas

1.  Dom Vitalli won the Casino Royale over-the-top-rope battle royal to win the 2018 Cauliflower Alley Cup, eliminating Bobby Sharp last.

2.  Rik Luxury beat Daniel Torch to win the Pro Wrestling Bushido heavyweight championship by referee stoppage in 2:01.  Torch suffered a legitimate separated shoulder and was taken to the hospital.

3.  Coach Mike Jones, Andrew Anderson & Mustang Mike w/Nyah Kennedy & Kevin Sullivan beat Sam Houston, Chaz Taylor & Wild Horse by pinfall when Jones pinned Wild Horse.  Referee Sparkey Ballard.

4.  "Loverboy" Matt Riviera w/Boyd Bradford, Flagbearer Ron Ratcatcher & Lucky P. Larson, Esq. beat Johnny Morton by pinfall.

5.  5 Most Wanted ("Sexy" Sean Casey & Cody Hawk) w/Big John Murray, "Edible" Michael Barnes, & Shawna Reed beat Midnight Delight (Billy Blade & Richie Slade) to win the Vendetta Pro Wrestling International tag team championship by pinfall after interference from Stephan Bonnar.

6.  Sinn Bodhi w/The Cold One AC & Funny Bone beat Da Shade w/Primo Pulpo & Bobby Sharp by pinfall when Funny Bone pinned Da Shade with a double stomp.

7.  Team USA (Tab Jackson & Shawna Reed) beat Team Canada (Maddison Miles w/Harley Rebel & Kat Von Heez) by pinfall when Jackson pinned Miles.

8.  Alexander Braven & Ricky Tenacious w/Toom E. Guci beat Adan Reyes & Dicky Mayor and Yoga Alliance (Tomaste & Sandra Moon) w/Sloth to win the vacant Big Valley Wrestling tag team championship by pinfall in a Triple Threat match.  Referee Ben "Golden" Knight.

9.  Willie Mack & Ju Diss w/Zuka King beat Boyce LeGrande w/Lucian D. Light & Levi Shapiro by pinfall when Ju Diss pinned Levi Shapiro.

10.  Main Event
"Tokyo Monster" Kahagas beat "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by pinfall.

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